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Its physical & its close
It is not a bottle, it is the consumers friend with whom there should be a relationship.
We move your packaging forward into new ways of thinking. Loyalty = repeat sales.
Crazy, cluttered & confusing
There is a hierarchy of attraction which we can apply to gain standout in that world.
But we know that creating relationships & the follow through is everyone's responsibility
The world we all live in
CPS has very clear ideas on where it wants to take packaging and sustainability.
We are not shy of saying that packaging waste is not waste but a valuable resource


Expert in Packaging Innovation

Long established international company dedicated to maximising Packaged Brands.

CPS International is a content driven - direct plus digital subscription - consultancy and media company specialising in Consumer Packaging Innovation, Insights and Strategy for packaging decision makers to maximise the packaging advantage.

We provide bespoke advice and leadership about packaging innovation and other packaging issues you face, coupled with subscription based products that are leading edge insights, to successfully guide you through the complex arena of consumer packaging and its innovation. 

We continue to invest in our services ensuring high levels of understanding that are unavailable elsewhere, look at: 



Immediately seize inspiring packaging innovations in HD video format ensuring instant understanding of a new pack.  Motivates and increases awareness for your management team + it's global.  See the pack on the shelf, how the consumer uses it and deconstruction to demo how it works, backed-up with independent professional commentary.  Website fully searchable, stop-start, drill down and share.  Visit innovātus.

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Japan!!  日本のパッケージ•インサイト!   

We are unique and stronger from 30+ years in-depth knowledge and insights on Japanese packaging innovation, a country that is often packaging trend setting .  We provide insight and pack role modelling plus never forgotten workshops that will give you inspiration and confidence in moving forward your packaging; it can be a leap forward in fresh innovative thinking. Recommended

Packaging Masterclass

The consumer landscape is changing and so is the role of the pack, the Packaging Masterclass demonstrates how to take advantage of this new evolving situation.  

Discover how to create real value for your packaged brands.  Grasp how to interact with the consumer on the retail shelf at the 1st Moment of Truth, then how to engage with the consumer in their personal space, the 2nd Moment of Truth and then what is the 3rd Moment of Truth. Plus every challenge and individual company issue, from cost to technology, barrier to branding, supply chains to molecular chains can be addressed to ensure you come out of the Masterclass a packaging winner.

Just three of our standalone bespoke insight and leadership approaches that will advance confidently your packaged brands into recurring revenues.

Packaging is a cost, we turn it into an asset



Homepage Testimonials

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I would like to thank you very much for a most interesting presentation concerning Consumer Packaging. It certainly gave us a lot of food for thought.
Goran Harnulv, AB Pripps Bryggerier, Sweden
Your contribution to our project was most valuable…..It gave people energy and inspiration
Karla Sahlin, Development Manager, Arla, Sweden
… a very useful and interesting presentation on packaging innovation. It has been very well received by the participants.
Denis Lindon, Groupe Danone, Paris, France
We're finding you to be of high value…..something we don’t generally get from other sources
Kevin Bowler, General Manager - Marketing, New Zealand Foods, New Zealand

Inspiring Packaging Innovation

Stay Ahead

...With our cutting edge Japan packaging role model

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Maximise your Packaging Advantage

Move your packaging cost into a brand asset

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