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Andrew Streeter

Andrew Streeter is a leading expert in consumer packaging covering FMCG and OTC-Wellness globally.

andrew-smallHe is recognised as an industry reference point noted for his global understanding of packaging innovation, its impact on commerce and society - an established and respected opinion former.

Andrew brings a multi-disciplined and visionary skill to the complex world of consumer packaging, created packaging innovation company CPS International and insights and innovation web platforms Pack-Track* and innovātus.

awardHe is an inspiring and motivational speaker and has been described by the Australian Institute of Packaging as the David Attenborough of packaging!

Andrew is a leading authority on Japanese packaging innovation and application, making films, writing and presenting on it as well as being given the rare honor of being guest speaker at the Opening Ceremony of TokyoPack in the presence of Princess Nobuko of Mikasa.



With Andrew leading CPS International it has now advised over 250 brand companies internationally on holistic packaging solutions, innovation, insights and awareness.  His multi-disciplined expertise is used to help formulate packaging strategy for companies.

*In 2010 Pack-Track was acquired by the Informa group and is now part of Progressive Digital Media.  


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