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Fourteen Years Later….with Pack Innovation…Timing of Change?

…For Mr Muscle

Fourteen Years Later….with Pack Innovation…Timing of Change?




Back in 1999 when we started to put Pack-Track online we identified an important new pump concept on a facial skincare in Japan.  Qualitie Liquid Facial Cleansing was classic Japanese elegance in styling but what excited us was the pump mechanism, instead of pushing the liquid through a nozzle, it filled up a little dish in the closure… You placed the facial pad on the dish soak up the cleanser and off you go.

Actually it was more than that because you would actuate the pumping mechanism by pressing down on the dish with the pad –consumer, product and pack working in harmony.

We have followed this neat piece of dispensing technology around the world, in France it was used by Klorane Bebe and boldly claimed to be innovative, although we knew better.  That was 2010, in 2011 I found it Germany and took the photo you see here, there it was nail varnish remover under the brand name Basic – Nagellackentferner.

There is something telling going on, the dispensing innovation started in premium skincare and 12 years later ended up in tertiary brand cosmetics at a low price point.  The innovation is both clever and thoughtful but I wonder if it was ahead of it’s time for a mass audience, its identified life so far was skincare, babies and a small gender bias European market, all narrow market propositions?


This looks like it will change as S C Johnson have introduced the same device for Windex, a multi-purpose hard surface cleaning and care brand in the USA, it has landed in Australia and here in the UK too under the Mr Muscle marque.  So it’s now big volumes, making easier a household chore and there are refill packs as well, it all adds together to make a powerful opportunity that is timely. 

Combining timing of change and market to my mind is what gives this pack innovation legs, I think it will run now, 14 years after we found it J  And whatever your markets are you need to know first –that’s what both Pack-Track and CPS International are about!

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