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Innovation + Collaboration

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Innovation can drive your packaged brands increasing market share & profitability.

The challenge: packaging is complex with a high risk of failure.  As packaging specialists we totally understand this and our bespoke insights are built as packaging collaborative ensuring a successful outcome maximising your returns.  

Many companies set aggressive packaging innovation goals that can only be achieved by external collaboration.  In-house only R&D is the past, collaboration is the future and our bespoke services fulfill this. 

Collaboration innovation with CPS is firmly established:

midasBy collaborating with CPS -and/or innovātus- you boost your innovation process opening up creativity and ensuring profitable ideation and concept development.

Packaging innovation know-how at CPS... did you know we:

Have created innovation in every pack format

Operate at the cutting edge of packaging change
Have 30+ years of hands-on experience
Invented innovation webpages Pack-Track...
...and packaging innovation videos  -  
Hold packaging IP, patents & design registrations
Created 'algorithm'  MIDAS -helps turn each pack from a cost to an asset
...Because Revenue Follows Pack Assets...

Inspiring Packaging Innovation

Stay Ahead

...With our cutting edge Japan packaging role model

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Maximise your Packaging Advantage

Move your packaging cost into a brand asset

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