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We are seen and used like doctors of packaged brand health! 

And like doctors we are multi-disciplined providing proven procedures to remedy problems and maximise your pack vitality.  This includes packaging studies, pack innovation capture, workshops and seminars plus online innovātus.

Importantly our approach is global and different: everyone at CPS International is a packaging specialist unlike some insights companies who often have 'analysts' just surfing and relying on the web.

Our global network of packaging experts are out 'in the market' capturing innovation first-hand and providing professional interpretation, images and samples.   Its different, packaging issues are complex and nuanced, you need packaging professionals...

The services we provide can be conveniently collated into 4 groups:

Direct support & studies | Japanese foresight | Workshops & Masterclasses | and... innovātus 

Our agenda is about inciting preference for your packaged brands throughout the value chain, to gain profitability and market security -what we call Packs into Assets.  It is not what you spend on packaging but how you spend it that is critical, and we apply our global and multi-disciplined skills to achieve this best outcome for you.

 We help you to…

  • Improve ROI in packaging
  • Improve ROI in your people
  • Reduce packaging risk
  • Drive packaging change
  • Focus packaging strategy
  • Use innovation that inspires

Choose a CPS International service or visit innovātus

 Studies & insights Japanese Foresight seminars/workshops

Inspiring Packaging Innovation

Stay Ahead

...With our cutting edge Japan packaging role model

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Maximise your Packaging Advantage

Move your packaging cost into a brand asset

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