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Gain Packaging Foresight...

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...With our Japan Packaging programme.  We have been working with Japan for 30+ years identifying it as a leading trend setting country in consumer packaging. The culture is packaging appreciative and innovation driven.

We ensure that you benefit from this important packaging culture.

You immediately advance by seeing and handling reality in packaging innovation and trends…no longer is it speculative digital images or a piece of web research.  We have analysed, got under the skin of the Japanese packaging way of life, separating what's valuable from the rest and sharing this inspiring knowledge with you. It is a very real touchy-feely grasp of your packaging future. 

We deeply understand Japan culturally and its packaging relationship with consumers over a long term, as is our knowledge of the packaging industry, plus we have the packaging know-how that benefits you and the packaging issues you confront… Make your Packaged Brands more successful from our insights and transferable knowledge; be leading edge in packaging application and innovative way of doing things.


Gain from our Japanese Packaging Foresight in three ways:

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Japanese Packaging Study  This multi-disciplined proven research protocol will deliver you a solid vision of your Packaged Brands more seductive –more secure- future. Outcomes in insights, know-how, contacts and examples -all very touchy feely- plus ways forward will help you positively set you packaging/Packaged Brands apart from your competitors. 

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Japanese Packaging Workshop, here you will witness in your own offices a beneficial different packaging world, see, touch, taste if you want and gain a new cutting edge of understanding of how you can maximise your investment in packaging. Inspiring effective pack advancing for ideation sessions.   Recommended.

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Come to Japan with us! Accelerate your innovation process and get ahead of the competition with confidence. Capture new packs and ideas that are transferable to your brand portfolios and NPD. You will visit supermarkets, take photos of packs that you like, meet key players in the packaging industry, from manufacturers to designers; if you want, get into serious business conversations.  

You are in safe hands these tours are carefully organised, bespoke and highly effective revealing a better packaging future for packaging and are guided assuredly at every step by our local CPS Japanese director. 


CPS are globally recognised Japan Packaging experts, we have maintained an office in Tokyo for over 25 years, managed by Japanese national Kaoru Imai, she is well known in the Japanese packaging industry and is fluent in English.

97% of customers who have used a Japanese Packaging Programme have said that it is never forgotten. We know the knowledge you gain will last and improve your packaging decisions profitably for a very long time.

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Inspiring Packaging Innovation

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...With our cutting edge Japan packaging role model

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