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Packaging Studies

packaging studies

We have two proven and adaptable research protocols that will advance your packaging and packaging innovation needs, ensuring successful effective outcomes.  

In this work 'seeing is believing' and we make images and increasingly video for in-store, pack features and deconstruction to explain functionality. You benefit from the depth of detail and context of change or packaging scenario.  

Feedback is always one2one utilising a high visual content, and pictorial devices ensuring you gain from good communication on the subtleties of packaging across the different disciplines and cultures. 

Pack Innovation Studies 

  • Global or country, sector, packaging, change or innovation base: mix and match
  • Typical applications include new market penetration, competitive activity, packaging innovation capture
  • Against a brief we investigate countries or regions, product and/or pack type identifying packaging change and innovation and capturing pack samples of project value plus visual evidence.
  • You gain full understanding of packaging issues, the context plus capture of innovation.  Professional multi-disciplined interpretation is provided with a fully justified way forward.  This is a multi-disciplined packaging solution service assuring a practical and effective outcome.  

        Gives you > Explicit evidence of direction | Plan of action | Vision of packaging change | Packaging innovation capture & open innovation capture | A new perspective on packaging opportunity in your markets


Benchmarking and the Competitive Set  

  • Grasp explicit insight on the performance of your competitors packaging in sharp comparison to your own packaged brands. You see immediately your packaging challenges and  we at CPS auto-advance the study to give you direction and solutions to improve your brands. You immediately gain clear and hands-on direction. 

       Gives you> Competitive insight |  Benchmarking your packs| Explicit evidence of direction | Independent  professional interpretation | Actions and ways forward | Packaging innovation capture | Portfolio of images, samples and videos


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Open Innovation

We provide two alternative and motivational approaches for Open Innovation in packaging.

Option 1: an in-house session often used as an inspiration event for your management teams

We deliver packaging innovation inspiration and opportunity grounded in credibility - we have specialised in OI for over 30 years with a successful format of interactive workshops with selected samples and high visual content.  For you it delivers a very powerful management motivating and opportunity generating event that advances your packaging thinking and application.

A typical workshop can fit into a company innovation day where we can prepare a session of 1 (maybe 2) hours as a self contained operation.

Option 2: a Open Innovation research study based on your specific needs.  Larger in scale

Here we identify packs globally that could credibly meet your needs.  We undertake OI research investigations with our Packaging Studies resources and international network of packaging specialists and will seek out live packaging and packaging innovation examples that we know as experts, could be adapted to suit your brand objectives, these packs from any markets in any sectors from anywhere.

We are leaders in this application providing solution orientated results, speeding up time to market and reducing development costs. 

This approach is often used as alternative to relying on suppliers or a creative agency; we provide unseen real packaging innovation and ideas from another sector in another part of the world that will work effectively for your needs and can be adapted effeciently. Full back-up available. Recommended.

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